Unit-Net Method

Unit Net Method

This is Unit Net Method to prevent landslides without frame and cutting trees unnecessarily.

What's Unit Net?

Reinforcement (Rock bolt) and Unit Net are joined by a pressure plate, and stabilize the slope by interaction between these.

Applicable target is surface soil slip up to 3 meter deep.

The Unit Net forms a open type, so that it is possible to protect existing trees and conserve the landscape.

It is also possible to green the whole surface by using it together with the greening method like vegetation mat.


Earth friendly reinforced soil construction method which can protect the forest, preserve the landscape, and further greening the legislation.
It is possible to reduce costs and shorten the construction period.
We are using zinc aluminum alloy plating for surface layer processing of unit net to improve the service life.

How to laying Unit Net

Reinforcing material interval should be 2.0 m x 2.0 m (4 m2 / rock bolt) and basically arranged zigzag.
The angle of rock bolt should be perpendicular to the ground surface.