Materials especially for slope engineering

We have special relationship with manufacturer of Unit Net. We design and conduct construction using it. If you are interested in it, would like to import it, you should definitely contact us.

We deal with various kinds of vegetation mats. They can be used for urging greening of slope which is constructed to prevent landslides. Of course, it can be used for other environment. Broadly speaking, there are two types. One that include seeds and the other is only include fertilizer to promote natural greening.

Anything about Slope Stabilization Methods in Japan.

A lot of people live in narrow lands surrounded by mountains in Japan. So there are many construction methods to prevent landslides that are well devised to adapt to such environment in our country. We protect our living environment and protect the natural environment at the same time.
Compared to other engineering types, there are not so many companies involved in this construction.
We'd like to share information with you about slope engineering in each country. If you'd like, we can export Japanese methods like "Unit Net Method" and materials.